Upbound Staffing exists to improve the economic integration, wealth, and independence of job seekers with autism and related disabilities through coordinated advocacy, access to evidence-based services and supports, and, ultimately, inclusion in employment.

A corollary mission is the correction of the labor market imbalance that leads employers to undercapitalize on available talent by providing them with preemptive training on inclusive recruitment, culture audits, advocacy, and by maintaining a database of job seekers with disabilities that employers can hire from.

Here's what we do for companies looking to hire:

  • We inform employers about the skills and assets of neurodiverse individuals of all abilities in their local supply pool.
  • Help institute accommodations and natural supports to enable a person with a disability to thrive in the workplace.
  • We bring the most qualified job candidates to each position.
  • Serve as liaison between candidates and state and federal agencies.
  • We collect results-driven data to monitor work performance, productivity, and quality.
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Our guiding principles for companies when working with Upbound Staffing

  • Diversity creates a competitive advantage in human capital
  • A candidate’s need for vocational rehabilitation is not indicative of their ability - all candidates will be evaluated so long as they can be reasonably accommodated
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not, in itself, inclusion
  • There is no job at your company that cannot be done by someone with a disability
  • In striving for DEAI, there is no substitute for employment
  • Past experiences with this community, positive or negative do not epitomize the community