The Upbound Team provides the following services
to unlock the power of Neurodiversity!

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Included with our services: Evaluations to provide fully vetted candidates, ongoing employer and candidates support, training and onboarding new hires with supervisor consultation. A partnership that encourages diversity and adds value to your team.

Let us partner with you to discover the potential of Neurodivergent candidates. Here's how to get started.


Upbound Staffing works with businesses like yours to build inclusive hiring and management practices. We connect you with highly qualified neurodiverse candidates from an un-tapped talent pool. We know that creating a neuro-inclusive environment is good for business.


Solutions Upbound Candidates can provide:

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Neurodivergent individuals boost empathy and bring a new way of thinking and unique life experiences to your organization. Studies show that Neurodivergent employees are 30% more productive than neurotypical employees.

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Upbound can help make your workplace more inclusive!